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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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arkansas. >> this is the scene in ruston louisiana, shared by meteorologist jim cantore from the weather channel. the storm is expected to impact millions of people. look at this storm on nbc 10 first alert weather radar. a team of meteorologists watch what this means for us as it heads north. >> tomorrow morning, that is the time frame we're watching this. it will be impacting the morning commute and we will see accumulating snow as it moves in. accumulating snow mainly for south jersey and delaware. again, this will be falling through in the morning rush. so as you're driving in the morning, pay very close attention to what we're telling you in the morning hours before you leave. that's when the snow starts to accumulate. here's a look at the radar in the southeast right now. kicking up a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. there's snow and rain in this
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system. once it tracks the eastern seaboard it will be cold enough to only snow. there you see the rain/snow line well to the south and offshore by early tomorrow. by tomorrow 9:00 a.m. we expect a good amount of snow accumulating. there's south jersey and delaware. notice how we're on the edge of this system. not everyone will see accumulating snow. only parts of the area. either way it's not coming at a good time. coming up we'll take a closer look at the timing. who can expect the most snow and how much you can expect depending where you live. >> tomorrow morning, snow could lead to school closings and lays. go to nbc 10 will contact you with your child's school closing information. and speaking of the weather, new at 5:00. a growing problem in this winter's bit ircold. we're talking false alarms. >> first departments across the area of getting emergency calls
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but when they alive, there's no smoke or fire. we explain what it is about. >> reporter: fire departments at ben salem have to make calls at locates, they have to make the call bus they've been a distraction and perhaps dangerous one in this area. >> not a matter of if it's going to happen it's when it's going to happen. >> reporter: when it's happening is not what they need to be doing. >> the fire departments don't want out on broken sprinkler pipes they want resources in tact for more serious accidents. >> reporter: firefighters had to evacuate elderly residents from 75 apartments in gloucester last week when a frozen sprinkler pipe flooded three floors and firefighters had to say there for three hours. >> we had to evacuate the people out of there until the sprinkler
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system gets repaired because we can't have them nonpro ekt itted. >> reporter: frozen sprinklers are trigged at many area fire departments they worry being at the wrong place at the wrong time >> we've had a lot of them but it hasn't been back-to-back-to-back. we could have two, three truck on a broken sprinkler pipe. >> reporter: firefighters are begging anyone with sprinkler systems to get heat to them. >> next week, it will probably get worse, looking at the weather, before it gets better. >> reporter: firefighters fear the brief through and refreeze this week creates a nightmare scenario. live in bensalem, nbc 10 news. now more information on the gas explosion. one of the workers is now oust the hospital. we're hearing new 911 calls from
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yesterday. a police car dash cam caught that explosion on tape. 15 people were injured including firefighters and gas workers. take a listen to one of the 911 calls placed by a man who lives on a different street from where that explosion happened. >> i got an explosion inside of the house. i don't know what the hell is going on. >> so you heard an explosion? >> oh yes big time. >> today, investigators revealed they believe gas leaking from a two-inch main made it along the water line from the street to the home's basement and they say that is what caused the house to explode. busted in the 'burbs. dozens of people under arrest. >> all part of a so-called drug ring with ties to colombia. a tip from a loved one led to the areceipt. deanna durante has the latest. >> reporter: there wasn't enough
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evidence for them to get from the phone of the suspected drug dealers but the evidence came when a loved one of an addict contacted police giving them very specific information. . i was supposed to go down for the federal jury thing tomorrow. seems i've been arrested here which i don't have absolutely any reason why. >> you don't sell drugs? >> no. >> you don't do drugs? >> no. >> warren said he may miss the court date because he didn't have $50,000 bail after he bought drugs today. >> my client does not know him. >> reporter: police say they've been tapping phones and watching suspected drug dealers make sales in montgomery county. they confiscated drug cash and gun, some of them loaded. despite dea intercepting phone calls from colombia. that's not evidence to begin wire taps here. that game after a relative of an
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addict was able to give police solid information to the drug supplier. >> we got anonymous letters and we've been able to do thing was that information as well. it's important people know that. but the more information that someone can share with us, the more likely it is we can do something and use that to gather more information and ultimately be able to get a result like this where we can shut down two major operations. >> reporter: some told us they had no idea why they are in jail now. one man had his face covered and police did not find drugs on him. they would not say how much was recovered but would put them out of business. for some of them the bail ranged 500 thousand. others 50 thousand. they're all scheduled to be back in court march 5th. some asked the judge to lower the bail amount, so they can have more access roaming around the prison, not so they could be
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freed. deanna durante nbc 10 news. chris christie's 128th town hall brought in hundreds in moorstown. he calls pay back the problem he has to tackle now and won't raise taxes to solve it. he said pension paybacks will mean health care givebacks by state employees. >> ten years from now, we could be in significant, significant trouble if we don't change this. that's unfair to the teachers in this state. that's unfair to the police officers and the firefighters and public workers in the state. >> christie said 65% of pensions in the garden state go to teachers. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from voters in the town hall thought of the governor's plan. in the next half hour pennsylvania governor tom wolf announced big business news. what he do d to help out
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keystone state companies looking to expendand. that's at 5:30. supervisors develop to wipe gun laws off the books. last night east norton supervisors repealed two laws allow hunting in the township and one regulateing guns in the park. a new state law passed last year gives the groups the right to challenge illegal gun laws. pittsburgh, philadelphia and harrisburg has already been sued under the new law. the vice president of a company that sells silicone, took stand today. the person ordered silicone for his company 18 times. he was charged with the death of a woman who flu to philadelphia for the butt-enhancement. closing arguments are expected to begin in the next two weeks. listen to this a police
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officer on routine patrol witnessed something you have to see. one minute coasting down the highway and light snow falling and next the dash cam camera captures this. you have to see what happens next. >> cold hard cash from snow removal to missed work days and school day, winter is a costly time of year, wait until you see how much the national price tag attached to winter is expected to be. and racing up his legal skates. former flyer eric lindhynn cross is headed to court. compromise? middle ground? does it really look like we're holding anything back? longhorn's dinner for two for $29.99. choose two of 7 entrees. like the grilled portabella sirloin or the parmesan crusted chicken. plus two sides, two salads & a shared appetizer or a dessert. it's a deal without a single concession.
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this is nbc 10 news. i'm meteorologist sheena parveen. big weather system moving in and will move in to parts of our area. not for everybody. i'll show you the typing and how much show you could expect. >> an ohio man is lucky he didn't lose his life after thrown from the car during a crash. take a look at amazing dash cam video last month in clearly. his suv slid into another car on a snowy interstate. he was ejected. you can see him there on the ground. he landed on the highway in front of the state trooper's car. he was able to walk away from that crash.
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but police charged him with reckless driving. at least 14 people were hurt when 40 cars collide in maine this morning. heavy snow was falling between new port and bangor. the three students on board were not hurt. crews closed about 30 miles of the interstate for several hours. new information on driver who left his truck on railroad track, triggering a computer train to derail into los angeles. an attorney nor jose sanchez ramirez said his client did everything he could to get the truck off the track before the crash. but the train is equipped with new technology that paid off. it had a new design that disbushesdisbush disburses the energy away from where the passengers sit. we hear from one man who was there at the time. >> everything went everywhere. i definitely thought we could die. >> 30 people were injured in
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yesterday's crash. four critically. sanchez ramirez is charged with leaving the scene of the accident. three help living in new york city are under arrest tonight charged with conspiring to help isis. and one has ties to our area. one suspect arrested at jfk airport, headed to tourkyurkey. they were going to launch attacks in the u.s. under isis order. >> they made statements that can f they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here handgun machine-guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. one of the suspects here in the philadelphia area federal officials say they deducted the plan while monitoring a pro-isis website. >> we have a developing story in washington. time and money are running out for the department of homeland
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security. now several democrats agreed to a republican plan to fund the homeland security department and say they'll do it without the immigration provisions opposed by president obama. home security budget is set to expire friday midnight if congress doesn't take action. now it's up to the house where conservatives are pressuring leaders to stand firm. they caused the delay absurd. >> it is even absurd to be having this conversation. it is even absurd that i have to spend a very, very large part of my work week simply defending paying our people to work. >> if there there's no deal by friday. tens of thousand of tsa worker border patrol agents and others could be forced to work without pay. >> an aid to president obama said benjamin netanyahu's plan is destructive to u.s.-israeli
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relations. he's going to voice his concerns bye a nuclear agreement between u.s. and iran. susan rice said the trip is injecting partisan ship into a relationship that should be above politics. >> secret service may soon fly drone over washington, d.c. the agency is not saying what the drones will be doing, except to say that they will be flying over areas. they are typically restricted such as the white house and u.s. capitol building. the exercises are carefully planned and coordinated with other government agencies. they will be tightly controlled. speaking of drone, paris is on edge after a second straight night of missysterious drone flight over the city. the first was after midnight monday over the american embassy, the second over the eiffel tower and bastile. police couldn't tell if it was
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one, or who even controlled it. >> the thing with drones you could pack it with explosives with a detonating device and ride it into a large group of people. >> france upped security nationwide. flying a drone without a license in france is illegal and carries a one-year prison sentence and $80,000 fine. roman polanski testified in a closed courtroom in poland this morning. the judge is considering a request to extradite him in connection with a sex conviction. he pleelded guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl flu fled the u.s. the night before he was to be stepsed. so far, polanski avoided extradition by traveling only between perhaps, poland and switzerland. don't legalize marijuana.
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voters in the district approved an initiative in november making it legal to possession small ams of pot for rec cee aceal use. congress passed a bill seeking to stop the initiative from going into effect. did c.'s leaders say they can move ahead because the initiative was passed before congress took action. republican leaders and congress are depd maing downs showing how much money has been spent to change the city's pot laws. it's official right now. boston has reached a triple digit milestone. >> more than 100 inches of snow has fallen on the city so far this season. boston hit that mark overnight after the city got a dusting and that record comes in behind the 1995-96 winter season when the city got more than 107 inch the of snow. boston's next chance for snow into tomorrow night. >> there's a lot of costs associated with winter storms as you imagine. add up salt snow loss of
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business accidents and damage to homes. they predict it's near the $5 billion mark. new england's record-breaking snowfall would account for 40% of that bill. last winter cost the u.s. $5.5 billion. >> that's amazing. and you know what here at home another round of snow is moving in. >> not everyone will get hit by this storm. sheena parveen joins us when will the snow start falling? >> unfortunately during the morning commute tomorrow. not a good time. that's why we cy say first alert weather out for tomorrow morning. accumulating snowfall and impacting the morning commute especially in new jersey and delaware. those are the areas we expect the snow to be falling and accumulating. here's a live lookout near the art museum. we still have snow on the ground. of course snow and ice out there, too. but we were warmer today. philadelphia right now, near 40 degree, believe it or not. this is 15 degrees warmer than
5:20 pm
we were yesterday at this time. a little progress today with the temperature, they will be going downhill and we go into the rest of the week. there's that big area of moisture. we have snow and rain. currently it's around the southeasten southeast southeastern part are of the country. it will track the eastern seaboard and tomorrow morning we'll be on the snowy side. temperatures will be too cold to support anything but snow. up to trenton, parts of new jersey 8:00 tomorrow morning and this includes camden and parts of burlington county. snow moves closer to philadelphia. closer to i-95 if you're traveling from wilmington to trenton. early 8:00 snow phauing. 10:00, snow still falling and we could have a separate ban through parts of lehigh valley. that's possible by 10:00 a.m. and through the afternoon we clear out even more. as far as the totals are concerned we could see an inch
5:21 pm
close to philadelphia. trenton, wilmington further south through south jersey and delaware we expect more on the way of snow. here's new jersey and delaware. 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. snow starts to move in a little earlier than phil area. there you see darker colors around sussex county. rehoboth beach. we see it accumulate. 8:00 9:00, snow continuing in the jersey shore. through delaware at 9:00 a.m. then we go closer to 11:00 and noon. finally we see the snow tapering after and it clears off as we go through the afternoon hours. by the time this is all over. we could see 2:00 to2 to 4 inches. sussex county we could see 3 to 6 inches. tonight we're seeing light snow developing south of the philadelphia area. sunrise mainly 22 for the low in phil.
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15 north and west. tomorrow morning snow the heaviest south and east of phil. mostly new jersey and delaware. temperatures stay in the 20s. friday back in the mid 20s. single digits starting off saturday and the next chap of snow could be parts of sunday but also the middle of next woke week. two u.s. astronauts took part in a 6 1/2 hour space walk outside of the space station. their mission to install power and data cables. considered an extremely complicated task. by the end of their third space walk on sunday, the astronauts will have routed more than 700 feet of cable on the outside of the station. it is a childhood rite of passage every time it snow sledding. this downlehill fun may come with a cost in delaware. why these kids facing a hefty fine. and they are in need but the winter creates special
5:23 pm
challenges ahead. how meals on wheels doesn't let mother nature get in the way.
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we know distracted driving is a major problem on the roads but apparently distracted walking is putting us in harm's way as well. researchers in new jersey say nearly half the workers in new york city cross busy intersections with the don't walk sign flashes. we're looking down at an electronic device. a state park in delaware issues a warning to sledders. >> stay off the dunes or expect to pay the price. the problem is the state park in
5:26 pm
lewis sussex county. a group of teenagers spent sledding on dunes. they uploaded their adventures on youtube. that video went viral. residents say sledding on dunes has been happening for decades but park officials say it hurs the structures of the dunes. >> it's been done for i don't know how long. years and years. >> dunes are protected for a reason. this is coastal defense for storm, bad weather rkt high tides. >> you can see the damage that's done once the snow melts. if you're caught sledding you face a $250 fine. . we have details about the gas explosion that leveled a house in new jersey. christine is live with more for us. christine? >> i'm sorry, just minutes ago, i talked with the home owner where the explosion happened. as he was assessing damage.
5:27 pm
>> neighbors are trying to fix their homes as well. i'll have a live report when we come back. >> he's not played for the flyers for years but why he's now filing a lawsuit against a former referee. >> tomorrow on nbc 10 news today. there's more snow on the way for some of you. . your hour by hour forecast to show you how much snow to expect before you head out the door. >> plus the cold weather is having an effect on the summer rentals at the shore. what this mean force your favorite vacation spot.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now, at nbc 10 news at 5:00 the large system is already dumping snow on several states across the south and it's now headed our way. >> take a look at this. a brief break for the cold encouraged this runner to get in the morning jog along kelly drive. the mild temperatures won't last long. they will drop again tomorrow morning. nbc 10 look at meteorologist. sheena parveen. this will not coat the entire area? >> not the entire area. but it's not coming at a good
5:31 pm
time. the timing is for tomorrow morning. it will impact the morning commute especially if you live in sports of new jersey and delaware. >> what we are talking about is accumulating snow for new jersey and delaware mainly. i think we'll see it for other parts of the area too. here is a look again in the southeast. pulling moisture in the gulf of mexico. you notice there's rain and snow in the system. we'll be cold enough to support snowfall. future weather here shows as we go into the next 24 hours, this system its to our south but gets closer by midnight and early tomorrow morning, we are talking about snow through parts of the area. notice how we're on the edge of this system so not everyone will see accumulating snow. the best chance is south jersey and delaware to see some of the highest amounts. coming up we'll see a closer look at the timing. we look at snowfall totals and when we expect it to clear out. >> thank you. >> authorities believe a cracked
5:32 pm
gas main and spark triggered this massive house explosion in ocean county yesterday. nbc 10 obtained 911 calls from neighbors right after the blast rocked the entire area. >> i got an explosion inside the house. i don't know what the hell is going on. >> so you heard an explosion? >> oh yes bigtime. >> that man lives on a different speed in stafford township. yesterday's past injured 15 people. two gas company workers invest investigated the gas leak were the post seriously hurt. one in critical condition. >> investigators believe gas made its way along the water line from the street into the home's basement. >> as it built up you have utilities in the basement. your furnace, your hot water heater that september out sparks. one of those sparked explosion. >> authorities are trying to figure out what caused the crack
5:33 pm
in that gas main. broken windows debris they are absolutely everywhere. all you have to do is take a look at that video. the force leveled one home and damaged many others. >> today people in theovercy shore down rocked bite explosion were back at home trying to clean up. we're book with more. christine? christine? >> i spoke with a man who owns this. he department want to talk on camera but today he walked through his property with investigators. neighbors returned today to assess damage to their home. >> behind the yellow tape is where the home used to stand now it's marked as evidence. today's crews comb through the debris debris, a mattress couch and billiard ball is scattered through the neighbor. >> i don't think anybody else
5:34 pm
realized how bad it is. >> some say the destruction is eerily familiar. >> if anyone has to deal with the sandy storm that's how it looks and feels. everything is destroyed and gone. >> onlooker after onlocker walked and drove by to take pictures of the damage. the home eners next door can't live in their house. they stopped to pick up what they could. lynn thomas lives two blocks down. she's waiting for her h insurance company. >> because they need a structural engineer they come out friday. they will tell me what they are willing to do and we'll go from there. . this morning she came home to find broken walls and cracked ceilings. >> what did you think? >> holy smoke! you know? not much you can think. we're okay. my dogs okay. >> thomas suspects severe structural damage, the house
5:35 pm
will have to come down. >> now what? >> build another house. >> you'll build from the ground up? >> if i have to. i'm not pitching a tent. >> thomas' father built this house. she lived it for more than 20 years. but now she's leaving. >> you're not going stay here? >> no. hell know. i wouldn't do that. i'm phrasesy but not stupid, you know? >> most of the neighbors we talked to said gas and electricity is back on today. they said that's a relief because they don't want any broken or frozen pipes to add to the damage. reporting live in stafford township. christine maddela, nbc 10 news. coming up the search for suspects as they robbed a teenager in broad daylight. this is surveillance video investigators believe they are also teenagers. it is right near eastern state penitentiary. robbers got away with the boy's cell phone. pennsylvania governor tom
5:36 pm
wolf said he has a plan to rebuild the middle class. he unveiled his ram in our area. randy gyllenhaal has the story from bethlehem. >> we are open for business in pennsylvania. >> governor tom wolf speaking to a pro-business crowd announced some big business news. a major cut to the corporate income tax from 10 down to 5% which is huge for companies looking to expand. >> we try to attract companies from pennsylvania but too many of them look at that rate and wouldn't even give us a look. >> for year pennsylvania had the second highest corporate tax rates in the country. just this week florida's governor rick scott came to town trying to poach pennsylvania companies by offering them lower taxes and lots of sunshine. >> what your new governor is doing is not good for business. that's when people lose their job. >> today's announcement would
5:37 pm
make pennsylvania a top competitor against states like florida. >> we're business friendly compared to florida. >> governor wolf wants to lure new companies here with promise of lower taxes and new investment into manufacturing and education. >> pennsylvania is a great place to do business. i'm just making it better. >> the plan could bring new corporations to places like allentown, bethlehem which is building lots of new office space. space. >> the governor reveals the entire spending plan. we should learn more how much the tax cuts could cost. in new bethlehem. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. evans is expected to speak at tomorrow's board meeting. saying he will advocate for improv proofing infrastructure.
5:38 pm
some stars talked about their success at an online talk show at comcast center. xfinity hosted a live stream show featuring several innovators and entrepreneurs. it focused on challenges and successes on pushing boundaries and film. get ready to hit the gas harder if you plan to travel through delaware. the state's speed limits being raised only on interstate 95. next learn how fast you'll be allowed to go and why. and from ice to court. former flyer eric lindros wants an ex-rep to play him $3 million. which he says the official checked his reputation into the board. at 6:00 governor kiss ty announced his new budget plan. coming up how changing state finances impact your family's money. also she beat cancer once
5:39 pm
now again fighting the balance th battle of her life. coming up what she's doing to help other children like herself.
5:40 pm
now, lindros is taking action to clear his name. he filed a defamation lawsuit
5:41 pm
against the huffington post and former referee paul stewart. he claims his reputation was damaged by a column written by stewart in the post last year. he wrote about his poor relationship with lindros and an incident which he allegedly tore up charity posters stewart asked him to sign. in the column stewart writes quote, a flyers equipment manager told him about the posters. when eric found out they were for you, he tore every one of them up, end quote. paul stewart nor the huffington post commented on the lawsuit. >> this summer delaware stretch of i-95 might move a little quicker. deldot wants to raise the speed limit to 65 miles per hour. this son the north and southbound lanes on the maryland line and i-495 split. the study shows despite the current 55-mile-per-hour speed limit. most drivers are already inching up near 65.
5:42 pm
they believe the higher speed limit would reduce accidents and give state police extra time to go after more aggressive drivers. most drivers we spoke to today said they would be okay going 65 on 95. >> for the most part i see people flying past anyway. might as well put it at 65. >> at least for the time being there's no plans to raise the speed limit from the city of wilmington on up to the pennsylvania state line. >> you might remember this guy months ago. he was hailed a hero for helping to find a missing philadelphia girl abducted right off the street. >> he was supposed to be rewarded for his effort bus that hasn't happened. why he has not seen any money. >> and we're also tracking snow. that impacts parts of the area for the morning rush. i'll show you the timing of the snow and who can expect the most of it. >> plus fire fly has its head
5:43 pm
liner. the legendary act will perform at this year's music festival.
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here's some stories making head lines right now. investigators say a cracked gas main triggered this blast in ocean county yesterday. the blast damaged nearby houses and injured 15 people. two gas company workers were the most seriously hurt.
5:46 pm
one remains in critical condition the other released from the hospital earlier today. a drug ring bust snap nabbed dozens of suspect. the arrest put 32 drug dealers out of police. police say some from blue bell, plit ott meeting and philadelphia. we are tracking know right now. this is the same system that is bringing serious winter weather to parts of the south. not everyone in our area will see accumulating snow. >> sheena parveen is tracking this. what are we looking at? >> we are looking at the morning hours. some of of us will see accumulating. we have first alert weather out because of this for tomorrow morning. accumulating snow will impact the morning commute. this will be in new jersey and delaware. we see some snow getting close to the philadelphia area. we expect snow around philadelphia. as far as today, temperatures rebounded nicely from the cold
5:47 pm
we've seen recently near the mid 30s. lehigh valley and mid 30s mainly in south jersey and delaware. come tomorrow morning, things are changing once again. there's the weather system in the southeast. we have snow and rain with it. it's picked up a lot of moisture as it moved into the south. a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico and will track up the eastern seaboard. we'll be cold enough to support the snow side of this. it continues to move along the eastern half of the country and that will give us snow come tomorrow morning. as we go through time this storm system moves in for the morning commute hours. notice how the rain-snow line stays well out to sea. closer look at some of the hardest-hit areas tomorrow morning. that will be south jersey and delaware. 6:00 a.m. we see snow moving into these areas. the heaviest still saying south. sussex county has the highest totals. 8:00 in the morning, still seeing snow for much of the jersey shore and also delaware.
5:48 pm
so this will be the longest duration of snowfall. that's what we expect for the morning commute. it will be sticking, too. temperatures will stay below freezing. 10:00 in the morning still seeing snow falling and accumulating and by noon should start to see it lighten up by the afternoon. we start to see it clear out more. as far as total weise could see 3 to 6 inches. further north into parts of south jersey 2 to 4 inches but lower amounts as you get closer to the philadelphia area look at this area. from wilmington to trenton. 8:00 a.m. you see the snow starting to move up. by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning still looking at lighter snowfall but still expettinging it to be sticking. by the afternoon hours that's when we see this all clearing out. we expect an inch from wilmington to trenton. even suburbs in parts of new jersey. those higher totals will stay to the south. definitely a concern for the
5:49 pm
morning commute south and east of philadelphia. font, light snow south of the area. 15 north and west. then tomorrow morning snow during the commute, the heaviest staying to the south. 26 to 29. we are dropping for the daytime highs. >> we are going to be back in the 20s. we'll stay cold as we head into friday. tomorrow we have single digit temperatures in the morning and track another rain and snow next week. we'll have a closer look at tomorrow's snow. let's warm up, though. talking drills and key elements of spring training. >> especially this season. ben revere was one of their best hitters. we find out why he thinks he can do better this season. >> reporter: ben revere had a career year last season and he did it through a lot of pain. he had screws in his foot trying
5:50 pm
to push their way out. boy, was it painful. >> kind of like a bad nightmare. one screw going towards my nerves in my leg. that's what was causing so much pain. luckily i didn't have nerve damage. >> ben hat three hits. he had 184 of them. but he has bigger goals this year so big he's flipping out in the comcast sports net promo shoot. >> definitely trying to help the team win. >> do you have a goal in mind for stolen bases? 60? >> jimmy rollins was traded to l.a. jay rolle and ryan howard will talk to him about being a vocal leader this year. >> i would love to. i would help any way i can to
5:51 pm
bring the trophy pack home. >> in clearwater florida i'm jon clark for comcast sports net. >> i'm nbc 10 with this digital exclusive story. police hailed duane fletcher as a hero to find the woman in this video being violently abducted off a germantown street last year. detectives said he should get the $47,000 award but months later he has not seen a penny. >> nbc 10 did some digging. he should get some of the money but we're asking why. that's not the only problem. tap in right now to hear the full story. and a ground breaking in philadelphia's stinger park. preparing for a half million dollar renovation. the mayor said it's the city's kids who benefit and he had some help from them today tabbing
5:52 pm
about the work. >> when i came into the office seven years ago i said philadelphia will be the number one city in america. looks like we have two press conferences going on at the same time. it's fine. we'll work it out. he has things on his mind he needs to express. today's announcement is a part of making the green city part of what he wanted it to be. an -- >> the little guy in the front with his mom. no word on when these renovations will begin. >> very cute there. >> very excited. >> when the weather is this cold, so many people rely on a very important service. >> we'll show you how meals on wheels makes sure no one is left out in the cold.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
local meals on wheels chapters are credited with getting food to people in need. >> what happens when the weather presents that food from being delivered? we tell you what one chapter is doing about that. >> the winter can bring a lot of challenges for meals on wheels organizations. for one the snow and ice can deter volunteers from getting out and delivering food. >> parts of montgomery and
5:56 pm
philadelphia counties they are working around that. >> there's a sand witch salad. >> along with every hot meal delivered. meals on wheels hands out a bag lunch. when the weather is bad they try to add extras so clients won't go hungry. >> this time of year volunteers have rock salt with them to make it safer to navigate the icy sidewalks and ahead of the recent storm they doubled up on delivery so their clients would have enough food to get them through. >> volunteers were not coming through because of delivering. because of the ice or snow. do you have that problem? >> we have a little bit but we're fortunate because we have a core of volunteers who drive in anything. >> a lost them are homebound. >> during this type of weather they see very few people. volunteers. may be the own ones they see each day. that connection is very
5:57 pm
important. >> that connection helps clients make sure they are safe and warm. they even check safe heaters to make sure they are used correctly. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. the fight to save a 10-year-old girl with cancer. >> she got news not once but twice. what she's doing to help others battle cancer. >> snow is moving up from the south and will arrive in parts of the area tomorrow morning. what will see the most snow and how it impacts the morning commute. >> plus we've shown you this house explosion caught on tape. now nbc 10 obtained more video that captures the aftermath and frantic search to help one of the victims that's next on nbc news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
wednesday's child, 12-year-old zaviana is a smart and outgoing young lady passionate about p art and music. she loves to write add come up with raps but she really enjoys going skating so we headed to the skate palace in ashton, pa. when it comes to family she knows what it is looking for. >> a mom, or mom and dad. kids around my age, something like that. >> zaviana is this week's wednesday's child.
5:59 pm
. >> announcer: 10 news starts now. >> we begin with a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar. you can see the big winter storm hitting the south right now. by tomorrow morning. parts of our region could see some snow as well. >> this was the scene across parts of the south this afternoon. let go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> some parts of the region may not see snow at all but could be the morning commute right? >> the bulk of snow that falls could be the morning commute. that's part of the reason we
6:00 pm
have first alert weather day. tomorrow morning and accumulating snow will fall in at least part of the area. implanting the morning rush. low visibility. some slick roads, specially in southern areas. delaware extreme south jersey. this is a very large storm. a lot of moisture with it. you can see in the blue here that snow, northern mississippi, alabama, georgia the blue is indicating the heavier snow. it's snowing hard no northern georgia. the track of this storm will be well south of us. we're not going to get buried by it but there's plenty of moisture on the northern side and it's coming in during the morning rush and that's why we're pretty confident that at least delaware and south jersey will get snow out of this. more of the exact timing. snow totals and who gets what in


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